Healthy Breakfast Suggestions

I’m a big believer that what you choose to eat for breakfast sets the stage for blood sugar control and thus dictates your food choices for the rest of the day so its important to choose wisely!

If you’ve ever started the day with a coffee and a pastry you’ll know that you’re much more likely to continue eating in an unhealthy manner for the rest of the day so start as you mean to go on folks!

To give you some inspiration, below are several suggestions for healthy breakfast options, some are healthier than others – but lots to choose from whether you’re a grab & go person or someone who likes to take their time and indulge in a king’s breakfast!

Cereal based breakfast

Porridge Oats (cooked or raw) – made on water or milk of choice. Add some chopped nuts or milled seeds to add protein and healthy fats. To sweeten try cinnamon and/or fruit such as grated apple or berries.

Muesli/Granola – Most store bought brands of muesli/granola are high in sugar as they’re loaded with dried fruit. You can find a sugar free muesli with no dried fruit at your local health store. Choose one that’s oat based with plenty of nuts and seeds or add your own. If you like granola, Lizzi’es Granola is a good low sugar option, you can buy it in health stores & in supervalu.  Serve with milk or natural yogurt and top with fruit of choice. Alternatively, you can try my easy peasy granola recipe below which is really delish!

Simple & delicious sugar free granola recipe.Elsa-Jones-granola mc

Wholegrain Cereal – Good options include cereals made from one or a combination of different whole grains including wholewheat, buckwheat, rye, millet, quinoa etc. Just make sure to check the label for sugar and fibre content, see guidelines below.  Click here  to read my top pics for shop bought cereals e.g. weetabix cereals

Pimp Up Your Cereal:

  • Add 1- 2 tbsp of chopped nuts or milled seeds to your cereal to add protein and healthy fats
  • Sweeten your cereal with low glycemic fruit such as apple, pear or berries for added vitamins and fibre.
  • Try adding spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger for added flavour.
  • Opt for shop bought cereal/muesli with less than 5g sugar per serving and at least 3g of fibre per serving

Cooked Breakfasts

Eggs – Starting the day with an egg is a brilliant choice as it gives you a good dose of protein & mood boosting nutrients first thing and keeps you full for longer than cereals. One or two eggs cooked as you wish served with a slice of wholegrain toast (optional) or a couple of oat cakes is quick & easy. For added vitamins and fibre, add some veggies such as tomato, mushroom, spinach, avocado or asparagus. I love poached eggs with sliced avocado & cherry tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar!

Fish – Smoked salmon/haddock or kippers served on a bed of steamed spinach drizzled with olive oil.

PancakesI recommend you try my sugar free power pancake recipe which are super quick and easy to make as well as being nutritionally balanced. They’re made with oats, egg, cottage cheese, cinnamon & blueberries & taste delicious. Pictured Below.

groupshot breakfast advocado

On the move Breakfasts

Smoothiesa smoothie is a good option for an on the go breakfast. Ideally use low- glycemic fruit such as berries and add some protein and healthy fats with ground nuts or milled seeds such as flax, chia or hemp seed. Natural whole milk yogurt adds protein too or you can use a variety of non dairy options e.g. almond, oat milk etc. Try out my LOW GI Supercharger Smoothie Recipe here!  

Nut Butter try  a couple of teaspoons of  nut butter e.g. almond/cashew nut butter spread on a couple of oat cakes, sliced apple or a slice of wholegrain toast.

Yogurt – a few tablespoons of natural yogurt topped with fruit and a tablespoon of milled seeds makes for a speedy but nutritious breakfast. Whole milk natural yogurt is ideal as low fat natural yogurt can be a little bitter and is less filling. If you choose a probiotic yogurt you’ll also be boosting your digestive health.

Nuts – A handful of nuts with a piece of fruit is a fairly good on-the-run breakfast albeit less substantial than previous options. Very handy to throw in the bag and gobble en route to work or at your desk! And a hell of a lot healthier than a breakfast bar 🙂

Elsa Jones is a Qualified Nutritional Therapist & Author of Bestselling Book, ‘Goodbye Sugar: Hello Weight Loss, Great Skin, More Energy & Improved Mood’.