Nutrition Course Jan 2023

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4 wk. Online Nutrition & Weight Management Course

Start Date: 17th January, 2023 

4 Tuesday Evenings: 8pm to 9pm (option to join ongoing online class after)



Course Content

  • You will receive a fleixible 28 Day Eating Plan with nutritionally balanced meal suggestions & recipes that are simple to make, enjoyable and effective for weight management.
  • Smart Meal Planning & Time Saver Tips to help you cook smarter not harder.
  • CBT* techniques that will get you into the right mind-set & keep you motivated to maintain healthy eating habits for life.
  • Expert advice on foods & natural supplements that improve energy, mood, anxiety, hormone balance & sleep.
  • CBT* & Mindfulness techniques to conquer cravings & emotional eating

*Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological therapy which examines how your thoughts affect your behaviour e.g.         your eating behaviour. CBT is an effective treatment for a wide range of health issues, including weight management. Elsa holds a               Diploma in CBT which is recognized by the Psychological Society of Ireland.


The group environment is warm, informal, supportive and non-judgmental. There are no weigh-ins, no preachy finger-wagging and no pressure whatsoever to share your personal experiences. I ensure that attendants feel comfortable to ask all types of questions and share as much or as little as they wish with the group. I also welcome a bit of fun & laughter to keep the mood light & positive.

 Feedback from Previous Courses 

  • I’ve cut down on sweet treats, lost weight and I’m much happier in myself, the course has really changed the way I view food.
  • I’ve more energy and I feel more alert, I felt foggy & fatigued before.
  • I lost 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks which really motivated me to keep going.
  • I love the meal plan & recipe booklet– it’s excellent & now my go-to recipe book!
  • I feel stronger and much more in control around food.
  • Your knowledge is so impressive & I love your balanced approach to eating & moderation.
  • I am much more aware of what actually constitutes a nutritionally ‘balanced diet’
  • Your tips are so clear, concise and well presented, it’s made healthy eating easy.
  • I’m much more aware of my emotional eating, now I stop and think before I eat and I’m making better choices.
  • I’ve massively increased my vegetable intake and it’s rubbing off on the rest of my family.
  • I’ve cut out the mindless snacking & I recognize when I’m experiencing ‘emotional hunger’!’
  • I love all your recipes, simple to make but very tasty and filling.
  • I’m much more organized with planning meals and batch cooking.
  • Well worth the time & money! Amazing value for what we got!
  • I’ve done loads of healthy eating courses before but this is the best experience I’ve ever had
  • I really appreciated the non preachy, relatable way you delivered the course. A very comfortable atmosphere within the group.
  • I’m sleeping better and I’m eating 3 proper meals a day instead of snacking all day.
  • I’m planning my meals and supermarket list much more effectively.
  • I feel much less tired and foggy, I’ve realised all the sugar I was consuming drained me.
  • My mood and energy has improved, I’m not half as tired as I was.
  • Learning how various foods affect your body in good & bad ways has really motivated me to want to eat better, thank you.
  • Not only did I learn a lot about nutrition, I learnt a lot about me!
  • I will absolutely recommend this course to friends, thank you for your hard work & positivity.
  • My focus has changed to eating for my health and not just to control calories and weight

PRICE: €80 Register here now (scroll down to bottom of the linked page)

Email : for queries.



Elsa Jones is a qualified Nutritional Therapist & Author of No. 1 Bestselling book ‘Goodbye Sugar’.

She has been working with clients for 12 years via her 1:1 consultations, online programs and group courses.