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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve tried to cut down on sweet foods in the past and have realised that it’s a hell of a lot easier said than done. In fact, you may even feel powerless against your sugar cravings. If you do, let me tell you that you’re certainly not alone. I would say that at least two thirds of my clients tell me they experience strong and persistent cravings for sweet foods on a daily basis. In fact, most say they feel ‘addicted’ to sugar and cite sugar cravings as their BIGGEST OBSTACLE to loosing weight and keeping it off. I’d have to agree. Not only does sugar prevent you from maintaining your ideal weight, it also zaps your energy and mood and keeps you trapped in a cycle of wanting more and more.

But it’s not just physical cravings that keep us hooked. Whether you realise it or not, chances are, you have some strong emotional ties that need to be addressed too.  Your attachment to sugar is likely to be deeply engrained into your day to day routine and social practises. It’s what you reward yourself with after a hard days work, how you celebrate occasions, soothe away negative emotions and how you treat yourself at the weekend. Most of us fall into a sugar habit over time without even realising it. It’s an easy habit to make, but a difficult one to break.

Through my consultation work, I have helped countless clients overcome their sugar cravings, lose weight and feel great by giving them targeted dietary advice and a nutrition plan to follow. For some, simply changing their eating habits is enough to kick the sugar habit for good, for others, not so much.

I found that many clients would do really well with dietary changes for a period of time, but, as time went by and real life obstacle set in, many would start falling back into old habits. I wondered why some people would do so well and other wouldn’t. And then it hit me. Sugar isn’t just physically addictive, it’s emotionally addictive too.

I realised that the dietary advice I was giving was perfectly sound, it’s just that for some people, it was only addressing one part of the problem, the physical side. To enable clients to overcome their sugar habit for good, I’d need to help them identify and address the psychological and emotional factors behind their eating patterns as well.

To enable me do this, I decided to enhance my skills as a nutritionist by completing a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which research shows to be the most widely validated and effective form of psychological therapy available today.

In a nutshell, CBT helps people understand the thoughts and feelings that influence all types of behaviour, including eating. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBT for weight management and I have found using CBT coaching techniques as part of my sessions to be extremely effective in helping my clients change their eating habits for good.

Essentially, I have combined my qualifications and expertise in Nutrition with relevant CBT coaching techniques and created an effective two step program that combines nutritional science with powerful psychological tools to beat cravings, conquer emotional eating, reframe negative thoughts and ultimately have a controlled and healthy relationship with all types of food, including sugar!

As my success rates rose, I began to think about how I could bring these tools to as many people as possible and so the idea for the ‘Goodbye Sugar’  book was born. I want to share my knowledge with you so that you too can enjoy the freedom that comes from true health. This is a tried and tested plan I have created through years of experience working with people who struggle with unhealthy eating habits and weight. Bottom line, it works. I have literally seen hundreds of clients take back control over their eating habits and their health using the tools I’m about to give you. It’s your turn now and I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

Elsa Jones

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