Party Season Survival Guide

Love it or loathe it there’s no escaping the merry making marathon that is December. And like any marathon, it’s best to pace yourself if you want to come out on top! With all the late nights, overindulgence and germs floating around, it’s easy to get burnt out in the run up to Christmas which is why I’m giving you my top tips to help you look and feel your best this party season!

Hangover prevention/cure:

Hydratealways drink a glass of water before you head out to make sure you are hydrated before you start drinking.  Make a point of drinking a glass of water half way through the night and one before you go to bed too. Easier said than done I know but you’ll be glad you did come the morning!

Line Your Stomacheating a balanced and substantial meal before/whilst drinking alcohol is important.  Including some fat before imbibing can reduce your risk of a hangover too because fat lines your stomach for longer and slows down the absorption of alcohol. Fairly healthy fat options include eggs, olive oil, cheese, whole milk, oily fish or avocadoes.

Milk Thistlethe active compound found in this herbal remedy supports liver function which will help your body break down the alcohol. Take 15 drops in a little water before you head out and right before bed. Milk thistle can be bought in most pharmacies.

Breakfast Cures

Ditch the fry up – cooked fats are difficult to digest and hard on the liver, your body does not need additional work whilst it’s trying to heal itself. Instead, opt for a breakfast which contains foods that will help repair the damage such as:

Porridge with chopped banana is a good hangover food as both contain crucial B vitamins which help reduce the stress your body is under. The banana will also help restore lost potassium.

Eggs on wholegrain toast is another good option. Egg yolks contain large amounts of cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde, one of the culprits behind a hangover.