Set Yourself Up For Diet Success

Set Yourself Up For Success On The 10 Day Sugar Challenge!

 I’m a big believer in the saying ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. In order to be successful with any dietary changes, you will first need to set yourself up for success. In practical terms, this means taking a bit of time to get yourself organised  and prepare your environment before you start on the 10 Day Sugar Challenge.

Below are several steps that will help you do just that:

Remove temptation – It’s advisable to limit your exposure to trigger foods when you’re starting out, Over time,  you will have less cravings and will develop skills to resist temptation, but, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, is a good policy for now.

As such, I’d recommend that you go through all of your food cabinets, fridge and freezer, and, if possible, give away or else throw out foods that are not on your food plan and/or foods that are personally tempting for you i.e. the foods you reach for when you are feeling emotional, tired etc. For most people that’s chocolate or biscuits! If they’re not there, you can’t eat them! If this is not possible because of other members of your household, move these foods to a high shelf or to the back of the fridge or cupboard.

Ask for Support: If you share your kitchen with others at home or at work, you may want to ask them for their co-operation and support in helping to keep tempting foods out of your sight as much as possible, particularly at the start. Rather than demanding that they also make changes, phrase your request in a nice way, for example, ‘would you be willing to help me by….? ‘could we come to some agreement whereby…?

So for example, when Susan started her eating plan she made a ‘no sweets in the house rule’ for the whole family. However, as a compromise she agreed that once a week her husband would take the kids to the shop and they could choose one serving of whatever sweets they wanted as a treat. That way the kids learned that sweets are not an everyday food and Susan was removed from all temptation.


chickpea saladPlan your meals & snacks – have a good look at the list of foods allowed on the 10 day sugar challenge as well as the meal suggestions and see which ones appeal to you. Then plan what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks for the next few days. Once you know this, you can make a list for the supermarket and stock up on what you’ll need. Having the right foods to hand is half the battle and preparation is key!

Cook Smart: If, like most people, you are time starved and/or sometimes feel too tired to cook from scratch in the evenings, then I’d highly recommend that you cook a few dinners, soups etc. in advance and freeze them so you have healthy options to hand at all times. For example, whenever I make a up a Bolognese sauce or a curry, I cook up double the amount and either store it in the fridge to eat a day or so later or else freeze it for later use. This comes in so handy, particularly on days when you know that you’re likely to be particularly busy or tired.

Healthy Snacks: I’d also recommend that you get into the habit of keeping healthy snacks close to hand at all times so you will have no excuse when hunger and temptation strikes. So, for example, I always carry a container with nuts, oat cakes and fruit in my handbag so that I don’t get caught out and tempted to reach for the biscuit tin. You may also like to keep a few healthy snacks in your car or at your work desk too.

The 10 Day Sugar Challenge is available on my website for free, give it a try!

You can purchase my ‘Goodbye Sugar’ Book in Irish Book Shops and on Amazon UK

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