Perfect Balance 80:20 Eating Plan

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The Perfect Balance 80:20 Eating Plan is a program that:

  • is practical,
  • teaches you how to look and feel your best
  • is sustainable for REAL life.
  • has no counting calories or points, no weighing out food,
  • has no magic shakes, pills or bars.

Just normal everyday foods eaten in moderate portions,

combined with my decade of experience,

helping people achieve great results,

packaged in one place just to help YOU !

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‘I’m so excited to tell you guys about my latest eating plan. It’s my absolute favourite plan to date mostly because it reflects my own personal philosophy which is that we should eat healthily most of the time but have a little of what we fancy some of the time, hence the 80:20 title. For me it’s the perfect balance which allows me to enjoy all types of food in all circumstances and still look and feel my best. And having worked in nutrition and weight management for nearly a decade, I’m confident it will do the same for you.’ Elsa xx

This Program Will Help You Look & Feel YOUR BEST & Create A New Lifestyle With No Stress

It’s important for you to know that this is not a short term diet, it’s a way of life. I provide you with simple and straight forward eating principles that will empower you to make healthy choices for yourself and will enable you to live a low sugar lifestyle with ease. The plan provides structure but also flexibility because it can be adapted to suit your individual tastes and lifestyle. As such, the perfect balance eating plan should suit almost every lifestyle.

What You Will Get

I give you tonnes of delicious meal suggestions & recipes which incorporate the perfect balance principles. I even include recipes for delicious but healthy sweet treats such as granola bars, oaty bake biscuits, energy balls and chocolate mousse.


Learn How To Achieve The Ideal Balance And Feel Fully Satisfied!

As mentioned, the main principle behind the ‘Perfect Balance Eating Plan’ is balance, hence the title. I don’t believe in cutting out entire food groups because it’s never sustainable for the long term and it often encourages overconsumption of other food groups. So for example, if you eliminate carbs from your diet, you’re more likely to over-eat protein or fat.

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Each macro nutrient (protein, carbohydrates, fat) has its place in a balanced diet and offers nutritional value. It’s simply about eating the right foods in the right amounts. That’s why I call it the ‘Perfect Balance Eating Plan’, because it helps you achieve the ideal balance between protein, carbohydrates and essential fats that will keep your blood sugar levels stable and keep you full and satisfied. It’s also loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants so you’ll get a daily blast of nutrition that will keep you optimally nourished.


The Perfect Balance 80:20 Eating Plan is designed to:

  • Ensure you are optimally nourished with a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Dramatically reduce your cravings for sugar and refined carbs
  • Keep you full and satisfied
  • Reduce your sweet tooth
  • Help you reach and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Give you sustained energy – no more energy slumps!
  • Boost your mood and mental clarity
  • Help to regulate your sleep patterns
  • Reduce your risk of developing weight related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

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Are You Ready To Look And Feel Your Best?

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Learn How To Look & Feel Your Best

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GoodBye Sugar With Elsa Jones.

GoodBye Sugar With Elsa Jones.

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