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Dear Elsa, I just wanted to send my appreciation to you for your book ‘Goodbye Sugar’. I bought it in November of last year and am now four months into a sugar-free chapter in my life. I haven’t drank in over three years and this coupled with no sugar has brought a marked improvement to my health and well-being. My energy levels have increased, I’ve lost 7kgs and people are asking me what’s my secret.
Your book was the catalyst to it all and I just wanted to let you know that it was a really important piece of work for me. You should be extremely proud of what you’ve contributed to people’s health and well-being. My grandfather had two legs amputated due to diabetes. My mother is a diabetic now too. I’ve grown up with sweet things around me all my life. We live in a society cloaked in addiction and coming off chocolate was worse than alcohol. It really is everywhere!
I recommend your book to everyone who will listen. Some nod politely and reach for the jaffa cakes :) We can only ever walk with people and expand their choices! My daughter looks up curiously and declines hot chocolate now so I do believe that we lead by example. We’re all just planting seeds for the next generation!
I think your linking food and emotional eating is insightful. Whether it is food, drink, drugs or shopping, we all have to free ourselves from something. I think your book is an important piece of work for liberating people from one of those things; the bondage of sugar! It’s an eye-opener and I thank you for the enlightenment.

Brian Desmond, Ireland.


“Elsa, your book is absolutely wonderful. It is beautifully and thoughtfully written, with very clear illustrations and encouraging quotes throughout. Your expertise, understanding and compassion are evident on every page as you make ‘eating healthily’ a realistic goal for everyone. Throughout your book you demonstrate how cognitive behavioural principles (CBT) can be used to help people change patterns as you skilfully and gently guide your readers to become aware of the link between their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Your explanation of ‘emotional hunger’ as distinct from ‘physical hunger’ is so clear I know that it will help many people choose not to give in to sugar cravings. You know that I am a fan of your ‘power pancakes’ and I am now proud to say that I have tried and loved many more of your recipes. This is much more than a cook book. It will enrich and transform people who implement what you suggest. Congratulations and I am delighted to continue to recommend ‘Goodbye Sugar’  to my clients, family and friends”.

Dr. Claire Hayes, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Author of ‘How to cope’.


After a roller-coaster few years of yo-yo dieting I finally decided to make 2015 my year so I contacted Elsa to help get me back on track. From my first point of contact I found Elsa very approachable and I was very comfortable discussing the ups and downs of my journey. Elsa has helped me gain control of my weight and I no longer feel like I’m on a diet, I have changed how I eat with Elsa’s ‘Perfect Balance Eating Plan’ and eating out has never been easier.

After 8 weeks I have lost over 10% body weight and dropped to a small size 10, I’ve even had to purchase some clothes in a size 8! I have never felt or looked so well. I highly recommend Elsa’s book and can’t stop talking about how her nutritional advice has transformed the way I eat and think about food. My energy levels have increased substantially and I completed my first 10km run in just over an hour, something I wouldn’t of dreamed of doing 12 months ago –Thank you Elsa!

Grainne, 31, Dublin


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