5 Golden Rules For The 10-day Sugar Challenge

Goodbye Sugar Best SellerTo follow the 10 Day Sugar Challenge, all you need to do is follow five golden rules as set out below:

No. 1: Stick to the foods listed on the plan

In ‘Foods Allowed List’, you’ll find a list of all the nutritious foods you can eat on the 10 Day Sugar Challenge. You may be wondering if you can eat and drink this or that, so, I’ll keep this very simple, if it’s not on the list, don’t eat or drink it. The foods listed are all low glycemic foods designed to help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels stable so as to minimise cravings and keep you full and satisfied. If a food is not listed, it means that it didn’t meet specific criteria in terms of its gylcemic rating or its nutritional value.

Also, you’ll notice that most of the foods listed are unprocessed, natural whole foods. You will not feel the amazing effects of this challenge if you choose to eat highly processed foods. The natural foods on the list will nourish your cells, boost your energy and support your body as it gently detoxifies.

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