comma-left This is from a client who followed my ‘Perfect Balance Eating Plan’ as featured in ‘Goodbye Sugar’ book.After a roller-coaster few years of yo-yo dieting I finally decided to make 2015 my year so I contacted Elsa to help get me back on track. From my first point of contact I found Elsa very approachable and I was very comfortable discussing the ups and downs of my journey. Elsa has helped me gain control of my weight and I no longer feel like I’m on a diet, I have changed how I eat with Elsa’s simple eating plan and eating out has never been easier.

After 8 weeks I have lost over 10% body weight and dropped to a small size 10, I’ve even had to purchase some clothes in a size 8! I have never felt or looked so well. I highly recommend Elsa and can’t stop talking about how her nutritional advice has transformed the way I eat and think about food. My energy levels have increased substantially and I completed my first 10km run in just over an hour, something I wouldn’t of dreamed of doing 12 months ago – Thank you Elsa!


 - Grainne, 31, Dublin


comma-left I suffered from IBS with lots of bloating. Elsa really helped me understand my nutritional needs. My bloating is now gone and I feel more energised since cutting down on my sugar intake I never realised how many of my foods contained sugar. Thank you very much Elsa for everything. comma-right

 - Dr. O’Connor, 43, Leitrim


comma-left Need a new belt! I got results. I lost 12 lbs, that’s less of me to love but I can live with that. I still can’t quite believe it worked but it did, and I was never hungry. My diet has changed permanently now, I observe the 80/20 rule (ask Elsa) and I’d be confident enough to believe it’s not going back on. I also bought a slim fit shirt – by accident – over Christmas and can wear it now without having to open it down to the waist, which is a relief! comma-right

 - Tom Dunne, Newstalk Radio


comma-left Well, I reckon I have a lot to thank you for!! I had PCOS and all the symptoms that come with it, including issues with infertility when I first came to see you and I had been through a year of fertility treatment with no joy. In Oct 2010 I decided it was time to delve a bit deeper into my overall health so I contacted you & received some great advice. I made the recommended dietary changes as well as maintaining my current fitness levels. And I’m delighted to report, I’m 3 weeks away from my due date of November 7th!! I think the hardest part for me was trying to be creative in the kitchen but you gave me great ideas & recipes which definitely helped! Thanks again for all your help…it has been a massive lifestyle change but I’ve definitely reaped the benefits! :-) comma-right

 - Anneli, 34, Cork


comma-left I suffered for many years with digestive issues including diarrhoea after almost every meal, bloating and wind. I sought help from my GP and went to an allergy fair but I could not pinpoint the foods that I was intolerant to. On top of that, I craved sugar, napped every afternoon and became very irritable when I was hungry! Then I met Elsa and working with her has changed my life forever. I have finally ascertained which foods I can and can’t eat and I no longer have any of the digestive problems I had before. On top of that I lost weight and I have much more energy.I would whole heartedly recommend meeting with Elsa if you are suffering from any digestive issues. comma-right

- Sarah, Dublin


comma-left I came to Elsa with various digestive issues, tiredness, endometriosis and bad PMS. With all of these symptoms I was told by various people don’t eat this that and the other which I found confusing so I decided to consult a nutritionist for advice. Since having my consultation with Elsa I have been doing great. My diet is better with lots of variety and my mental, physical and emotional health are good. I feel less bloated, I’ve lost weight and most of my symptoms are now gone which is great – thank you. comma-right

- Anne Marie, 32, Waterford


comma-left My health goals were primarily to reduce my cholesterol and to lose a stone in weight. My energy levels and concentration were also suffering. My first consultation with Elsa illustrated what I had forgotten about the right foods to be eating and I learnt a lot more on top of that which clearly showed where I was going wrong. With that knowledge, and some useful meal planning and menus from Elsa, within 6 weeks I had lost 3/4 of a stone and knocked my cholesterol right down to a healthy level. I hope to continue on the right path, full of energy, with Elsa’s valuable assistance. comma-right

- Jonathan, 36, Dublin


comma-left Before Elsa helped me I had tried every diet known to exist with no success. I had been suffering from fatigue, low moods and an expanding waistline for over 10 years when I sought the help of nutritional therapy. My diet was revamped and finally the root of my problem was identified and brought under control. Elsa taught me how to make good food choices without feeling hungry or deprived and provided me with menus and recipes to work with my lifestyle. The result for me was more energy, feeling better emotionally and dramatic weight loss. I would definitely recommend nutritional therapy for anyone who wants a more healthy lifestyle. comma-right

- Nicole, 33, Wicklow


comma-left I first discovered Elsa by way of an article in one of the evening papers. At the time I was feeling a touch over weight, but confident that I was eating reasonably healthily. I have found the advice given to be extremely helpful. In a relatively short time I have lost almost a stone in weight, with only minor variations to my diet. I think everybody should be getting nutritional advice, and I couldn’t recommend Elsa highly enough. It could make or save your life. comma-right

- Trevor, 70, Dublin


comma-left I had little to no energy on a daily basis and I felt bloated and unmotivated most of the time. I also felt my obesity was having such a negative impact on my life. After a very thorough consultation, Elsa felt my blood sugar levels where out of balance and so gave me a number of things to change in order to remedy this. I left feeling like my goals were achievable. After just 4 weeks I saw a huge change in my energy level, I was no longer feeling sleepy and tired all the time. I also had lost over a stone in weight ! I know with some determination and Elsa’s help I will achieve my weight loss goals. comma-right

- Lorraine, 26, Dublin


comma-left I had considered myself to be reasonably healthy with regard to food and exercise, however, after a long hard look at my diet I realised there was definitely room for improvement. After several weeks I started to feel the benefit physically and mentally. Combined with an exercise programme I feel much better and I’m starting to get my figure back into shape. It might take some sacrifice but it’s worth the effort. comma-right

- Irene, 49, Kildare


comma-left I found Elsa Jones very welcoming and as this was my first visit to a Nutritionist I was very unsure of what to expect. I was glad to see that Elsa had reviewed the food diary I had given her prior to my appointment and already had recommendations for me. I found I could talk openly and honestly to her. I am a person who tries to eat healthy and sensibly and I still came away with changes I could make to my diet. Since my appointment I have made the tweaks to my diet that where necessary and taken the supplements advised. I feel that I am calmer and more able to cope the hectic work and study life that I lead. comma-right

- Susan, 40, Dublin


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